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Full text of "Byzantine Churches In Constantinople"

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But I have erected for thee a dwelling of stone,
Lest the army finding thee again., should trouble thee?
Although here thou art hidden, having cast off thy (body of) clay5
Or, the gross flesh having dropped off5 thou hast been transported
Leaving every weapon hung up on its peg. For thou didst abhor the mansions in the world,1 Having fled from life in the cheap cloak (of a monk),, And didst confront invisible potentates, Having received instead (of thine own armour) a strong panoply
from God.
Therefore I will construct for thee this tomb as a pearl oyster shell, Or shell of the purple dye, or bud on a thorny brier. O my pearl, my purple, rose of another clime, Even though being plucked thou art pressed by the stones So as to cause me sheddings of tears*
Yet thou thyself, both living and beholding the living God, As a mind pure from material passions, Prepare for me again thy home,
Martha,2 thy wife formerly, writes these things to thee, O protostrator, fairest also of the dead !
The following epitaph In honour of the protosttator Glabas 3 was to be placed in the parecclesion of the church of the Pammakaristos (Carmlna Philaey ccxix., ed. Miller, vol. i. pp. 115-16) : — '
ets TOV vaov ov tpKoSoprjcrev q TOV Q"VfJ,/3tQ'$ ajroBoiVOVTi r<£>  dvSpl
VJ jpi,€V Sta (rou Tracra rwv OVTCDV  <f>vcrt>$ ov Svvarat ^wpetv ere TYJV TT/XOTT^V irXrjpots yap avnyi/ aAAa /cat
0€OV   Aoy€   f(WV   KOL   SpaKl   TO
5 KO.V <rap
d&dvarov "
OVKQVV   &€)(QV   T^V   OIKOV   OV
TOV <rv£vyov §£ 4>€v
/cat Trj<s "XOIKVJS OLiravacrTvTCL
1  Alludes to the retirement of Glabas from the world as a monk.
2  Her name as a nun.
3  In the superscription to this epigram in the Florentine and Munich MSS. the name TXapaj is given,